Anshel Gear (BUYTEX CMO) shared the company’s plans

? Online Meeting With Anshel Gear: Plans For November

? Friends, in an online meeting yesterday, Anshel Gear (BUYTEX CMO) shared the company’s plans for the coming month as well as a few pieces of exclusive news:

1️⃣ This upcoming week, the details about the opening of BUYTEX Trade Hub in Germany and Poland will be finalized.

2️⃣ Negotiations to open Buytex offices are held for Vietnam, China, Indonesia and a number of other countries.

3️⃣ In November, the BUYTEX exchange will see a design overhaul, more features and new trading pairs. Previously announced order types will also be implemented.

4️⃣ BUYTEX Exchange has been attracting the interest of the cryptocommunity! Among others, the Bittrex Global was interested in BUX token listing. We have got dozens of offers about listing the BUX token on other exchanges. In the near future, the BUX token will be verified as an exchange token and featured on Coinmarketcap and Coin Gecko.

5️⃣ We are working hard on the launch of BUYTEX ACADEMY: all the news regarding the Academy will be announced in the official BUYTEX channels.

6️⃣ Starting November, bonuses for attaining new ranks in BUYTEX NETWORK will be automatically added to accounts once they qualify for the next rank.

We have much more important and interesting news ahead. Stay tuned!

Sincerely yours, BUYTEX team