? BUYTEX NETWORK turned 6 months old and our project is progressing successfully and gaining momentum

? It already has more than 75000 partners from more than 120 countries around the world!

? We’ve told several times that the BUYTEX NETWORK project is designed for 3 years and the project tokenomics was calculated in details. The scale and exponentially rises of the project are very impressive and very soon the first BUYTEX TRADE HUB offices will be opened.

? In order to increase BUX token’s liquidity and preserve its value, from today the Matching Bonus will be paid in full, but not more than 50% of the Binary Bonus amount! This will allow a large number of people to get the maximum profit from the unique distribution system of the BUX Exchange Token!

? Our main goal: a strong stable BUX token and the maximum scaling of our exchange.

?? BUYTEX has already helped many people to get financial freedom and achieve their goals, even though this is only the beginning of our great journey!