BUYTEX does business in an honest, loyal and transparent way in relation to every partner!

? Every company has its own rules and any violations of them allow company to cease the cooperation with a user and we are not an exception.

? 110 000 people have become our partners so far and our company suspended cooperation with only two users for fraud, misleading of users, partners and company and creating multi accounts (over 50 accounts).

? Besides, you know what BUYTEX has advanced protection of funds and user’s personal data. The only way to get access to somebody else’s account is to gain access to users’s email which belongs to the account.

⛔️ Unfortunately, such cases has also occurred. More than 96% of cases are hacking into accounts in the structure of one specific leader who is known as KLAS DEN (login on BUYTEX NETWORK: Milliard)
The company has hard evidence of his direct participation in committing fraudulent actions (illegal access gaining to other people’s accounts, theft of funds).

? Due to this fact, the emails of the personally invited partners are no longer displayed from today.

? The law department of the company is preparing to submit an application to the law enforcement agencies and asks all the affected users in the 1,2 and 3 lines of the BUYTEX NETWORK account with login Milliard to write to this email:

✍️ The company is also preparing a lawsuit for damage to business reputation and slander.

?We care about the safety of every partner and the reputation of the company.
We are making history and there is no place for fraudsters among us!

CMO BUYTEX, Anshel Gear, will record an official video message on this matter in the nearest future.